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  • Africa is developing steadily. Today, more than 15% of the world population lives there but nevertheless Africa’s share of global trade just reached three percent. The African Business Information Bank (ABIB) is bridging the information gap between potential investors and African businesses by giving credible, independent, accurate, rated and timely information on African companies. ABIB provides a database which sustainably fosters exchange between Small, Micro and Medium size enterprises (SMMEs), companies, foreign and local investors, Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and governmental institutions. read more »


AfricanBIB provides a rating and screening system for both country and company information. We have developed the AfricanBIB Country Rating combining many different available ratings considering political stability, corruption, human rights, freedom, democracy, innovation and business conditions. This rating helps you decide which country suits you best to invest in or cooperate with. Looking for business partners or investment opportunities often involves a certain level of entrepreneurial risk. This risk can be minimised by providing credible, independent, accurate, rated and timely information. Our company rating system consists of rating indices on an individual and organisational basis. Security, traceability, credibility, reputation and marketability are just a few of the factors rated by our staff on-site.

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ABIB-Match Making

AfricanBIB Match-Making provides the opportunity to find a business or partner that compliments your business aims. We supply a platform for companies coming together and explore different areas of cooperation using AfricanBIB's databases.

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