Vocational Training Institute For Applied Entrepreneurship (VIAE)

Vision/Marketing Message

The vision of VIAE is to be the most resourceful institution.


The VIAE domesticates globally contemporary know-how and do-how of entrepreneurship in a cost effective manner, delivering classroom and virtual/online training programs as well as hand-holding programs for the effective application of acquired knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences ; Evidence-based research and publication, responsive forums (conferences, symposia, roundtables etc.) for debates/discussions/dialogue that will ensure continuous improvement of entrepreneurship ; reliable and up-to-date resource center (with focus on maximum exploration of cutting-edge technology and the digital solutions – particularly with regards collection, analysis and deployment of reliable data bases in diverse real sectors of the economy ; Cutting edge consultancy and utility services peculiar to addressing challenges in the effective functioning, growth and expansion of specific entrepreneurial ventures by its clients ; The primary consideration is that these services aim at best-in-class standards, ensure value-for-money and time, as well as sustainability. Its purpose is to propose and deliver skills, knowledge and services levels at affordable costs that individual economic operators generally access only at higher costs and in foreign countries.
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Vocational Training Institute For Applied Entrepreneurship (VIAE)
237 Santa
North West, Cameroon