Travel Information

  • Entry / Exit Requirements:
    Passport:Your passport needs to be valid for at least six months.Visa:People from the following countries are required to apply for a visa: Australia, EU-countries, Canada, USA. Other countries should contact the consulate for visa requirements. Transit passengers travelling to a third country on the first or same aircraft within 24 hours, holding their onward tickets and not leaving the country are an exception. Journalists travelling to Cameroon require official authorisation by the Department of the Ministry of Communication in Yaounde. (available through the high commission in London) before being able to apply for a visa.Costs:Tourist and Business: £59 (valid for three months), £118 (valid for six months)US citizens: US$141 (valid for three months), US$275 (valid for six months)Validity:Tourist and Business (single and multiple entries): up to six months (see costs)
  • Immunisation Requirements:
    compulsory immunisation: yellow fever (everyone older than six months), cholera (occasionally an evidence of an inoculation needs to be shown, especially when entering from a country suffering from cholera)recommended immunisation: polio, tetanus, diphtheria, polio, pertussis, MMR, influenza, hepatitis Arecommended immunisation when staying a long-term: hepatitis B, meningococcal disease, rabies, typhus
  • Additional Risks:
    health: malaria (high risk), schistosomiasis, cholerasafety: risk of assaults (Please do not get into taxis on the roadside at night)
  • Tourist Information:
  • Climate:
    varies with terrain, from tropical along coast to semiarid and hot in north
  • Travel Time:
    November to February :From November to February is considered the best period to travel to Cameroon as these are the driest months of the year. March-May: March to May is the summer months when the temperature is quite high