Travel Information

  • Entry / Exit Requirements:
    Passport:Your passport needs to be valid for at least six months.Visa:People from the following countries are required to apply for a visa: Australia, EU-countries, Canada, USA. Other countries should contact the consulate for visa requirements. Transit passengers who travel to third countries by the same or first connecting aircraft, holding their onward travel tickets and not leaving the airport are an exception.It is necessary to possess a return/onward travel ticket to enter the country. You are issued with a free 24-hour transit visa when you arrive in the Comoros islands. On the next day, you have to go to the immigration office in Moroni to change your visa status.Costs:€60Validity:One month
  • Immunisation Requirements:
    recommended immunisation: polio, pertussis, mumps, rubeola, rubella, influenza, hepatitis Arecommended immunisation when staying a long-term: hepatitis B, rabies, typhus
  • Additional Risks:
    health: malaria (high risk), dengue feversafety: risk of pirate attacks, criminality linked to povertyother: dangerous snakes, spiders and scorpions
  • Tourist Information:
  • Climate:
    tropical marine, rainy season (November to May)
  • Travel Time:
    wet season: October to April
  • Airlines:
    Kenya Airways    Air Austral    Air Madagascar    Yemenia    Precision Air    African Express Airways