• Regime Type
    multiparty democracy
  • Press Freedom
    Malawi?s constitution provides freedom of press but it also controls the media?s operations very strictly. Libel is sometimes considered as a criminal offense if it causes harm. Nevertheless, it was reported about a case which is an important milestone in the development of Malawi?s press freedom. An editor, Gabriel Kamlomo, had been in jail due to libel in July 2009. After that the judge decided that his report is based on significant evidence.
  • Human Rights Record
    According to the Freedom House Index of 2011, Malawi is a partly free country with several human rights problems. Among these are the excessive force of the police which might lead to deaths and injuries, impunity of security forces, mob violence, arbitrary arrest, prolonged pretrial detention and trafficking in persons. Freedom of speech and press are restricted.
  • Legal System
    mixed legal system of English common law and customary law, judicial review of legislative acts in the Supreme Court of Appeal
  • Independence
    6 July 1964 (from the UK)