• Regime Type
    federal republic
  • Press Freedom
    Freedom of expression and press is provided by the constitution of 1999 but some governmental authorities still try to reduce criticism by threatening journalists. The conservative party tries to limit media freedom but the judiciary of Nigeria wants to strike down the Nigerian Press Council Act which restricted the work of journalists in the past. According to the Freedom House, Nigeria is seen as a partly free country in consideration of press freedom.
  • Human Rights Record
    According to the Freedom House Index 2011, Nigeria is a partly free country. Problems concerning the country include unlawful killings by security forces, tortures and abuse of prisoners, arbitrary arrest, prolonged pretrial detentions, trafficking in persons and corruption. Citizens are unable change their government. Women and ethnic minorities are sometimes discriminated and violated.
  • Legal System
    mixed legal system of English common law, Islamic law (in 12 northern states), and traditional law
  • Independence
    1 October 1960 (from the UK)