• Regime Type
  • Press Freedom
    Tunisia?s constitution just offers ill-defined protections for freedom of the press and these laws are not respected by the governmental authorities. Libel and defamation are criminal offenses and might lead to imprisonment and fines. Penalties for ?disturbing public orders? are applied.
  • Human Rights Record
    After the demonstrations in Tunisia in December 2010, the country experienced an upheaval. In January 2011, a transitional government was formed. Apparently free and fair elections took place in October 2011. However, the country still has to deal with human rights problems. Among these are arbitrary and unlawful killings, torture and abuse by security forces, arbitrary arrest and impunity of officials. Freedoms of speech, press and association are restricted and freedom conditions even deteriorated within the last years.
  • Legal System
    mixed legal system of civil law, based on the French civil code, and Islamic law, some judicial review of legislative acts in the Supreme Court in joint session
  • Independence
    20 March 1956 (from France)