Business Regulation Information

  • Banking and Credit Laws (Getting Credit, Protecting Investors)
    Bank of Zambia Act, 1996, Banking and Financial Services (Amendment) Act, 2000, Banking and Financial Services Act, Banking and Financial Services Act, Cap 387 - Credit Reference Services (Licensing) Guidelines, 2006, General Loans (Guarantee) Act, National Savings and Credit Act
  • Bankruptcy and Collateral Laws (Closing a Business, Getting Credit - Legal Rights)
    Preferential Claims in Bankruptcy Act, Bankruptcy Act, Companies Act, Debtors Act
  • Civil Procedure Codes (Enforcing Contracts, Closing a Business, Protecting Investors)
    Judicial Code of Conduct (Amendment) Act 2006
  • Commercial and Company Laws (Starting a Business, Protecting Investors, Closing a Business)
    Markets Act, Registration of Business Names Act, Factories Act, Investment Disputes Convention Act, Companies Act, Trades Licensing Act, Companies (Amendment) Act, 2000, Companies (Certificates Validation) Act, Small Enterprise Development Act
  • Constitutions (Starting a Business, Employing Workers, Registering Property, Enforcing Contracts)
    Constitution of Zambia
  • Labor Laws (Employing Workers)
    Employment (Special Provisions) Act, Employment Act, Factories Act, Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment Act, Industrial and Labour Relations Act
  • Land and Building Laws (Dealing with Licenses, Registering Property)
    Property Transfer Tax (Amendment) Act, 2005, Lands Act, Lands Act, 1995, Lands and Deeds Registry Act, Appropriation Act, Bill of Sale (Registration) Act, Town and Country Planning Act
  • Securities Laws (Protecting Investors)
    Companies Act, General Loan and Stock Act, Securities Act
  • Tax Laws (Paying Taxes)
    Income Tax Act, Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act, 2005, Value Added Tax Act
  • Trade Laws (Trading Across Borders)
    Customs Excise Act, Export Processing Zones Act, 2001