• Regime Type
  • Press Freedom
    Freedom of press and expression are provided by law but the government is still trying to limit it. Journalists publishing articles which could threaten national security are harassed, prosecuted, fined and incarcerated according to Article 80 of the 1977 penal code. Defamation and libel are a criminal offense in Senegal. This often prevents journalists to write critical articles.
  • Human Rights Record
    Senegal is considered a partly free country according to the Freedom House Index of 2011. Problems the country has to deal with include mistreatment of prisoners, abuse and torture by security forces, overcrowded prisons, prolonged pretrial detention, inefficient judiciary processes, trafficking in persons and a lack of freedom of speech, press and assembly. Women and minorities are discriminated and violated, children are forced to marriage and labour.
  • Legal System
    civil law system based on French law, judicial review of legislative acts in Constitutional Court
  • Independence
    4 April 1960 (from France)