Regionen von Mauritius

Mauritius is divided into nine districts which consist of different towns and villages. The island of Rodrigues used the be the countries tenth district before it gained autonomous status in 2002.

Moka is a district of Mauritius in the central plateau of the island. The capital is named Quartier Militaire. Moka is also one of the two landlocked districts in Mauritius, the other is Plaines Wilhems. It has Latitude of 20° 13' 0S, and a Longitude of 57° 30' 0E . Its altitude is 698 ft. As of the 2000 census, the district has population of 75,479 and covers an area of 231 km². The Moka district is devoted largely to agriculture, but recently the district and its towns has experienced major changes and agriculture importance is decreasing in Moka District.Moka has a very famous co-ed College called Mahatma Gandhi Institute. This college caters for grades 6 to High School. This college was created/donated by the Government of India and started as an experimental college. It got really popular and now ranks 3rd in the whole country. The college campus is placed in a very scenic valley. (Source: Wikipedia,