Regionen von Senegal

Senegal is subdivided into 14 regions, each administered by a Conseil Régional (Regional Council) elected by population weight at the Arrondissement level. The country is further subdivided by 45 Départements, 103 Arrondissements (neither of which have administrative function) and by Collectivités Locales, which elect administrative officers

Matam is a region of Senegal (regional capitals have the same name as their respective regions).It is a stark, flat, arid place bounded on the north by the Sénégal River and the south by the Sahelian plain studded with baobab trees made famous in Le Petit Prince. Matam is populated by the tall noble Pulaar-speaking Toucouleur people who brought Islam to Senegal in the 18th century and gave us the music of Baaba Maal in the 21st century. (Source: Wikipedia,