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E-PAP Solar Plug´n´Play Systems, Solar products, Solar Street Lightning

Produktdetails für E-PAP Solar Plug´n´Play Systems

Our smart Solar off grid Energy Plug `n `Play solutions E-PAP, is an energy-autonomous standalone system, which provides you with the most sustainable solution for power supply; for homes, business,and in the most remote locations.

Produktdetails für Solar products

Our Solar products are specially designed to provide clean, efficient, sustainable and affordable power to people with limited or no access to power supply. We design, engineer and manufacture tailor made solar products for our clients. Our in-house Teams ensure our products meet the highest international standards of quality and performance. Our brand “Power Equation” stands for Quality and Affordability Designed in Europe. Our products assure access to power for lighting, powering communication devices, household appliances, as well as powering local economies. These products also help to strengthen our customer’s brand visibility, customer loyalty, and provide with an excellent tool for Corporate Social Activities.

Produktdetails für Solar Street Lightning

Solar Street Lightning Our LED Solar street lights consist of a solar Panel, maintenance free battery, a charge controller and automatic switch, special LED modules ranging from 20-100W and delivers very bright light suitable for all kinds of area illumination. Our LED-Streetlights are designed to suit the local climatic conditions and customer desires. These systems are programmable to switch on and off automatically according to customer´s guidelines. E.g. switching on at sunset and off at sun rise.

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