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The African Business Information Bank (AfricanBIB) is a Social Business Model that was founded by African entrepreneurs, experts and professionals who seek to match the efforts of a new generation of politi¬cal, economic and social leadership in fostering responsible investment in Africa and building capacity among African entrepreneurs and Small, Meso and Medium size Enterprises (SMMEs). During its formation, AfricanBIB ran in incubation as a project within the NEPAD council. This supportive partnership allowed for the building of a solid foundation while validating the customer demand and needs for related AfricanBIB services.
Mission Statement:
The Mission of AfricanBIB is to continuously develop innovative mechanisms that promote responsible investment as well as unleash the entrepreneurial and creative potentials of Africans. The AfricanBIB also seeks to transform investors “uncertainty perception” into manageable “risks measurement” that would enable investors to reduce the trans¬action costs of doing business with Africa through an African specific integrated screen¬ing mechanism for building a credible and trustworthy investment climate by: •Providing independent, credible, accurate, timely and actionable information on African countries investment opportunities to potential investors and partners •Empowering African SMMEs to understand, prepare and present relevant business information in ways that are transparent to both African and foreign partners/investor •Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit among emerging Africans as well as extensively building capacity •Facilitating Diaspora returnees planning, adaptation and investment in Africa •Building an operational exchange platform for B2I (I-Investor), B2G, B2B and B2C •Providing Investment Fund for credible business •Promoting the “formalization” of the informal sector.
Guiding Principles:
-Leadership -Teamwork - Innovation - Ubuntu (humility) - Reliability Need -Client Focus - Social Responsibility
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