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A society in wich all persons especially the underprivileged, are accepted and have access to basic health care, economic resources and social facilities enabling them to live a satisfying life.


Cameroon has just few government run mental health care facilities. *support programme for People Living With HIV & AIDS (PLWHA) *Activities are expanded to cover other areas such as Human Rights an advocacy for underprivileged groups, income generating activities, capacity building workshops, watershed protection, sustainable agriculture, enterpreneurship, education and livehoods.Babungo Integrated Mental Health Care (BIMEHC) is a traditional / modern mental and primary health care facility in the Ngoketunjia Division in the North West Region.The varity of care, therapies and income generaing activities as well as the comfortable, hygienic housing facilities offers a unique and therapeutic setting to treat people with mental disorders and basic health problems.BIMEHC has the facilies and capacity to function as a training center for community based integrates health care. Collaboration with the goverment would serve the disadvantaged people, staffs in training (both medical and paramedical) and the promotion of mental health enormously. *modern an traditional mental health care *primary health care *health educationBIMEHC can help to realise the goals that are mentioned in the Strategic Planning of the Ministry of Public Health 2001-2015.
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P.O. Box 6 Ndop
Mbenjeh Babungo