Ministères de Cameroon

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  • Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development
    Ministre: Henri EYEBE AYISSI
  • Ministry of Basic Education
    Ministre: Laurent Serge Etoundi NGOA.
  • Ministry of Commerce
    Ministre: Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana
  • Ministry of Communications
    Ministre: Hon. Rene Emanuel SADI
  • Ministry of Culture
    Ministre: Pierre Ismaël Bidoung Kpwatt
  • Ministry of Defence
    Ministre: Hon. Joseph BETI ASSOMO
  • Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development
    Ministre: Hon. Alamine Ousmane MEY
  • Ministry of Employment and Professional Training
    Ministre: Hon. Issa TCHIROMA
  • Ministry of Energy and Water Resources
    Ministre: Hon. Eloundou ESSOMBA Gaston
  • Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection
    Ministre: Hon. Pierre Hele
  • Ministry of External Affairs
    Ministre: Lejeune MBELLA MBELLA
  • Ministry of Finance
    Ministre: Louis Paul MOTAZE
  • Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife
    Ministre: Hon. NDONGO Jules Doret
  • Ministry of Higher Education
    Ministre: Hon. Jacques Fame Ndongo
  • Ministry of Industry, Mines and Technological Development
    Ministre: Ernest NGWABOUBOU
  • Ministry of Justice
    Ministre: Hon. Laurent ESSO
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Security
    Ministre: Grégoire OWONA
  • Ministry of Lands and Titles
    Ministre: Hon. Jacqueline KOUNG A BESSIKE
  • Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries
    Ministre: Dr TAÏGA
  • Ministry of Post and Telecommunications
    Ministre: LIBOM LI LIKENG née MENDOME Minette
  • Ministry of Public Health
    Ministre: Malachie MANOUDA
  • Ministry of Public Services and Administrative Reform
    Ministre: Hon. Emmanuel Bonde
  • Ministry of Public Works
    Ministre: Emmanuel NGANOU DJOUMESSI
  • Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation
    Ministre: Hon. Madeleine Tchuente
  • Ministry of Secondary Education
    Ministre: Hon. Pauline Nalovo LYNOGO
  • Ministry of Social Affairs
    Ministre: Hon. NGUENE Née Kendeck Pauline Irène
  • Ministry of Sports and Physical Education
    Ministre: Hon. Narcisse Mouelle KOMBI
  • Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation
    Ministre: Hon. Paul Atanga NJI
  • Ministry of Tourism
    Ministre: Hon. BELLO BOUBA
  • Ministry of Transport
    Ministre: Hon. Ngalle Bibehe Ernest
  • Ministry of Urban Development and Housing
    Ministre: Hon. KEUCTHA Courtesse
  • Ministry of Women and Family Protection
    Ministre: ABENA ONDOA né OBAMA Marie Thérèse
  • Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development
    Ministre: Elanga Obam Georges
  • Ministry of Public Function
    Ministre: Joseph Le
  • Ministry of Youth Affairs