Données des regulations commerciales

  • Banking and Credit Laws (Getting Credit, Protecting Investors)
    Bank of Mauritius Act 2004, Banking Act 2004
  • Commercial and Company Laws (Starting a Business, Protecting Investors, Closing a Business)
    Competition Act 2003, Companies Act 1984, Business Registration Act, Companies Act 2001, Rules for Development and Enterprise Market Companies
  • Constitutions (Starting a Business, Employing Workers, Registering Property, Enforcing Contracts)
    Constitution of Mauritius
  • Labor Laws (Employing Workers)
    Industrial Relations (Amended) Act 2003, Labour Act, Land Acquisition Act, The Labour (Amendment) Act 2004
  • Land and Building Laws (Dealing with Licenses, Registering Property)
    Building Act
  • Securities Laws (Protecting Investors)
    Rules for Development and Enterprise Market Companies, Securities (Central Depository, Clearing and Settlement) Act 1996, Stock Exchange of Mauritius Listing Rules