• type de régime
    Semi-presidential republic
  • Liberté de la presse
    Niger improved its conditions concerning press freedom with a new government which created a more independent media body and decreased persecution of journalists, censorship and official control. According to the Freedom House, Niger is a partly free country in consideration of press freedom.
  • Droits humaines
    Niger is considered a partly free country according to the Freedom House Index of 2011. Human rights are protected by the country?s constitution. However, human rights abuses still take place in Niger. These abuses include killings, the excessive force of security forces, poor prison conditions, arbitrary imprisonment and prolonged pretrial detentions. Freedom of press and movement is restricted in the country and judiciary processes are inefficient. Problems like corruption, impunity of authorities, discrimination and violence against women, trafficking in persons and child labour are omnipresent.
  • système juridique
    mixed legal system of civil law (based on French civil law), Islamic law, and customary law
  • Indépendence
    3 August 1960 (from France)